The Importance of Paying Attention to the Details

Contributed by: Jeff Dobyns, CFP®

Sometimes it’s small things that matter. The barista who remembers your order. The thank you note you weren’t expecting. The personal touch. Just as often though, a misstep can leave an imprint in your memory. It can be hard to forget the mistakes.

You might not be into basketball, but if you are, you know the name Steph Curry. He’s a perpetual underdog that sort of snuck up on the sport and has wedged his way into NBA greatness. Now a point guard for the Golden State Warriors, Steph’s been called the greatest shooter in NBA history. He has a cult-like fan following – which in the basketball world translates into endorsement dollars from companies like Nike.


How Nike Dropped the Ball

In fact, in 2013, Steph was already on the Nike roster. He and his dad Dell, a former NBA player himself, went in for a meeting to talk about a new deal. Someone on the Nike side dropped the ball when it came to preparing for the pitch. ESPN described Nike’s pitch like, “Something hastily thrown together by a hungover college student.” The attention to detail was definitely lacking.

Steph’s dad Dell told ESPN that one Nike official accidentally called Stephen “Steph-on”. It wasn’t a big deal, apparently, except that nobody jumped in to correct the mistake. It just hung there. Then, in the PowerPoint presentation, a slide featured Kevin Durant’s name instead of Steph’s. Re-purposing an old PowerPoint? It spoke volumes to Steph and Dell about the prep that went into this meeting.

“I stopped paying attention after that,” Dell told ESPN. Though Dell resolved to “keep a poker face,” throughout the entirety of the pitch, the decision to leave Nike was in the works.

Where did Steph go? Oh, just another basketball shoe maker you might have heard of – Under Armour. He’s currently under contract with them through 2024. The terms of Steph’s deal weren’t disclosed but you can bet his allegiance to the brand is worth a bundle.

The Details of Business

We don’t sit in billion dollar endorsement meetings with pro athletes. We sit in meetings with clients like you who we’re helping to carefully plan savings that will take you through retirement. But we want you to know that the details of your life are as important to us as Steph Curry is to Under Armour. In our business and really any business I believe the little things – the attention to detail, the prompt follow-up and returned calls and emails – they make or break you. That’s why I recently shared this story with our team as a reminder that what matters to you matters to us.

The information has been obtained from sources considered to be reliable, but we do not guarantee that the foregoing material is accurate or complete. Any opinions are those of Jeff Dobyns and not necessarily those of Raymond James.

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