Jeff’s Mission Trip to Guatemala

For the past two years, instead of buying Christmas gifts for their clients, Dobyns Wealth Group has purchased equipment needed by Health Talents International (HTI), an amazing non-profit organization that works to promote medical evangelism in developing countries.  Over the two years, an anesthesia machine, two SonoSite cardiac probes and a Solaris surgical headlight have been provided to HTI to aid in their life-altering surgeries.

Jeff had the opportunity this past February to witness, firsthand, how HTI is making a profound difference in the lives of children and adults in Guatemala.  Below are photos and Jeff’s personal account from his trip.


I had a unique opportunity to watch a 2 year old, Eber, get cleft palate surgery.  As I watched the surgery, I was overwhelmed with gratitude for the work that everyone on the team was doing and the impact that this was making on little Eber’s life.  He is the same age as my twins and I can only imagine the joy that he and his mother and family will experience now that he has been healed. 


Eber recovering in his mother’s arms.


My mother and her friend, both Registered Nurses, went on the trip.  They did an excellent job and they had a wonderful time and made a real impact.  They focused mostly on the women patients that were recovering from various surgeries, such as hysterectomies.



Since by blood is O+, I was able to give blood which they were able to use in the clinic.  As a benefit, I was able to eat four Snickers and drink two Cokes without any guilt.


The resourcefulness I witnessed was amazing.  We went to an outdoor clinic and mobile mission behind a local church.  They use a scale hanging from a tree with a denim diaper-type apparatus with suspenders where they put the children in to weigh them.  In the background is a chicken coop with an umbrella attached to provide the chickens with shade.


I had the opportunity to meet with Marlene who is a young mother of 2 in her late 20’s and is in desperate need of prayers.  Marlene had a mastectomy at the clinic in August.  She is going to Guatemala City (a 3-hour cab ride) each month for chemotherapy.  The cancer appears to be stage 4 and she’s in a difficult situation.  She invited one of the nurses, who lives in Guatemala and works fulltime for HTI, and me to her home to meet her mother and two young children.  They are a precious family and I can only imagine the fear she’s dealing with along with the physical challenges with chemo and not having the various comforts that we are accustomed to.

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