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Long-Term Pays Better

Case Study: Jeff Dobyns, Financial Services, Nashville, Tennessee

There are a lot of financial planners in the world, and sometimes it’s hard to distinguish one from the next. One advisor named Jeff Dobyns decided to take a long-term approach, and has ended up becoming very successful in a short period of time, building the number one producing office globally for Raymond James, out of 1,200 branches worldwide. And in an industry dominated by people with more than 30 years of experience, it’s quite impressive that Jeff has accomplished this in only 13.

As with many ultraperformers, Jeff is a bit perplexed when asked what he does that is special, because in his mind, it isn’t. He says:

It’s always made so much sense to me that you have to pay a price up front for the rewards that come later on. The first five to ten years of this business take a lot of sacrifice to make the business run the right way. Unfortunately, we sometimes see young people wanting to focus more on balance than putting in the work, and it inevitably prolongs the time until which their desired freedom comes. Going “all in” to any endeavor is the best way to be free of mental clutter that stifles our progress. It’s the fastest way to get us where we want to go.

Also, it’s not just about working hard, but also making sacrifices to do the right thing. There are countless times when I’ve given clients advice that forfeits me commissions in the short term because another vehicle is honestly the best strategy for them. That type of advice could’ve gotten me fired in some organizations, yet it has become the very foundation that our reputation is built on.

Over time, you develop a strong faith and realize that if you do the right things, everything will work out. But it’s always an ongoing process, because as we master the process of sacrifice in one area of our life or business, it seems like we’re often just beginning to practice it in another.

But in every area of life, those sacrifices become easier and easier to make, until one day they become automatic. It’s a surprising revelation that what started as a disciplined sacrifice later becomes a deep source of satisfaction. We take pride in putting in the work necessary and making it priority to do the right things for clients. What I think most people underestimate is how much greater the impacts are—positive or negative—in the long term.

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