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Amy and I took the kids on a little vacation trip for their fall break.  We went to Atlanta to the aquarium and Six Flags.  Standing in line at both, we purchased tickets online and saved nearly $100 by buying the tickets on our phone instead of waiting to get up to the window. We needed to reserve a hotel for the night and we got a great hotel for $75 (half off) by using

I was feeling pretty technologically savvy, but what really sealed the deal was using an app Drew taught me about. The app is called “Waze” and it tracks traffic patterns.  Anyone that has visited Atlanta knows the traffic is horrible.  When we saw signs for construction ahead, we turned on the Waze app.  It had us exit the freeway and it guided us along to the hotel on a series of back roads.  We went on a road that went under the freeway and the traffic was STOPPED at a complete stand still for as far as you could see going both ways.  That app literally saved us hours in the car- which is miserable enough. But, add in 4 impatient children screaming at the top of the lungs and this little tidbit of technology truly felt like a life saver.

Now, at Dobyns Wealth Team, we can’t save you money on aquarium tickets or guide you through traffic, but we do like to put technology to use on your financial planning journey. We use sophisticated retirement forecasting software to figure out where you are and where you’re headed toward achieving your personal goals. We use technology to perform portfolio testing analysis which helps us test for weak points in your plan. And for our clients with Raymond James investments, we offer a mobile app that lets you keep tabs on your portfolio from anywhere. Want to know more? Call us. We’re always happy to talk technology, especially if you’ve found new “Waze” to use technology to make life easier!




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