A Legacy of Serving Others: Creig Soeder

Contributed by Jeff Dobyns


I recently lost a great friend and one of my most significant mentors with the passing of Creig Soeder.  I met Creig when I was an 18 year old kid interviewing for the Southwestern internship program. Creig became my coach, my mentor, and role model. He remained in that position for more than two decades. Creig was always the person I could go to for advice, recommendations, suggestions, and encouragement.  More often than not I didn’t even have to go to him as he was already there waiting to provide help when I didn’t even know that I needed it or where to go to get it.

At the celebration of life services everyone spoke about the fact that Creig’s life mission was to serve others and love people more than himself. His actions, the time he spent with people when he had nothing to gain, his commitment to following up and being there when you needed help was such an admirable trait that it made a life worth living.

Creig loved Jesus and is at home with the Lord where he is enjoying the fruits of his relationship with our Lord and Savior and the satisfaction that he made a lasting impact by caring for others.

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