John O’Leary Event Recap



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In the words of John O’Leary,

“To truly be a hero, you’ve got to risk it all.

What are you willing to go All In for in life? What matters so much that you would risk everything else–your status, health, friendships, safety, even your very life?

Those who live passionate, effective lives know their answer to this.

They are transformed into heroes because they know their why.

It’s a poignant reminder that when you know your why, you can indeed endure any how.

And it’s an invitation to decipher what truly matters in our own lives so that we too can choose to go All In.

Today is your day. Live Inspired.”


Monday, March 21, our guests spent an evening with John O’Leary hosted by our firm, Southwestern Investment Group. John spoke to us about finding inspiration and how finding your why can help you endure any how. After John shared his inspirational message with us, guests had a chance to meet John, get their copy of his new book, “On Fire” signed, and get a picture with John (if you were at the event, you can find your picture below).


If you missed this event here’s a little more about John O’Leary:

In 1987, John O’Leary was a curious nine-year-old boy. Playing with fire and gasoline, John created a massive explosion in his home and was burned on 100% of his body. He was given one percent chance to live. He has since survived and thrived – as a college graduate, business owner, author, husband and father. John is proof of the power of the human spirit.

Now John travels across the world sharing his message with an average of 50,000 people at more than 120 live events each year. John’s clients include Southwest Airlines, LEGO, Verizon Wireless, Enterprise, Dave Ramsey and many others. With emotional story-telling and great humor, John reminds audiences of the significance of daily attitudes, the power of personal choices and the profound impact of our actions. He reawakens each audience member to realize the gift of today and the possibility of tomorrow.




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