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Hey there, Dave Ramsey fan! We appreciate the time and effort you are putting into finding a qualified SmartVestor Pro. It can be emotionally tolling to find someone you trust with something as important as your finances. We would love to answer all your questions. Here are a few fast facts about us (or you can skip this and contact your local SmartVestor Pro office right now):


oneWe are big Dave Ramsey fans, and we’ve assisted other Dave Ramsey fans in building financial plans since 2002 – that’s over a decade of experience!


twoWhy do we do what we do? Besides the fact that we love it, we do it because our goal is to improve financial lives so you can focus on things that are most important to you – personally, professionally, and spiritually.


three“Always do what is right for the client” remains the heart of our core values. Even from our humble beginnings, we took the approach that as long as we do what is right for you, your relationship with us will continue and word will spread. We’ve been giving financial advice for over a decade now, and we manage over $2 Billion in assets.


fourWe believe in constantly improving ourselves and those around us. We are always learning and continuing our education. We keep a pulse on what is new in our industry and how we can better serve you.

smartvestor dave ramsey logoWe’re big Dave Ramsey fans and have on many occasions met the man himself!

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Our relationship with Dave Ramsey continues to be successful due to our ability to match clients with an advisor who can assist them the best based on their specific situation. Since our relationship began in 2002 we have continued to grow our team of advisors to ensure that we can provide exceptional customer service and a customized plan that follows the principles that Dave recommends.  With offices located across the country, our advisors have been approved as SmartVestor Pros in each of their local areas. All our advisors adhere to the same principles as Dave Ramsey, and are qualified to assist in meeting your goals. Together we make up Southwestern Investment Group.